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People who don’t have pets wonder why there is such a fuss about the odor that stems from pet urine and toilet accidents. In fact, some even find the idea of hiring pet stain and odor removal experts quite ludicrous. They simply can’t imagine why you would need professional services to mop up doggy accidents.

pet stain and odor removal cats

Pet stain and odor removal is never a simple thing. Those that have pets know how big of a problem pet stains and odor removal can be. Apart from the fact that they subtract greatly from the aesthetics of the house, there are very real health hazards associated with this problem.

Here are some of the more common ones:

  1. It can aggravate allergies – People who are prone to allergic reactions can be severely affected by not just pet odor but also the pollen and dander floating around the house.
  2. Ammonia causes burning sensation – Ammonia is a component found in dog urine can irritate your eyes and lungs which causes a sharp burning sensation. If you want to tackle this side effect of pet odor, remove the last traces of your pet’s antics from your carpet and fiber. This isn’t always possible with your regular cleaning agent.
  3. Children are at a higher risk – If you have young children in the house, you must make more effort to keep them protected from pet stains and smell. Since their lungs are  till in a developmental stage they are far more susceptible to the negative effects of pet accidents.
  4. Breeding ground for bacteria – Unless you are thorough in removing the residue of pet urine from your rugs and carpets, it can become a breeding ground for harmful fungi and bacteria that can cause a variety of ailments.
  5. Transmitter of disease – In the event your dog happens to be carrying a disease, it can be transmitted to your family members through its urine, a fact that has been confirmed by the Centers for Disease Control as well.

By now you must understand  that pet stain and odor removal is not something you can take lightly. Unfortunately, It isn’t as simple as mopping up after your dog with a piece of cloth; using just about any cleaning agent that you happen to have in the house. Laughable as this might sound, cleaning up after your dog is quite a scientific process.

pet stain and odor removal dogs

It starts with identifying the problem. That should be easy enough, one would say. In fact, locating pet stains isn’t easy because they aren’t always visible. Sometimes they have to be located using black light, which shows a concentration of salt commonly found in pet urine.

The next thing that needs to be done is treating the stain. Again, this is not a very easy task. Many times the stain soaks, not just into the carpet, but also through the backing and the padding. Sometimes, you find that it has soaked into the floor beneath the carpet too. How do you treat a stain as stubborn as this?

This is where you require the expertise of our team at Mega Steam Clean, the pet stain and odor removal professionals. We are equipped to locate the most elusive stains and our advanced pet stain removers can get rid of even the toughest stains, without harming your carpets or upholstery in any way.

Once we step into your home we promise to leave only when we are absolutely sure that it is not just clean smelling and fresh, but also disease and infection free.

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